A Contemporary Offering of Ancient Ayurvedic Wisdom

Offering Ayurvedic Nutritional Counseling, Cooking Classes, Indian Tiffins & Catering.

Lini’s professional Ayurvedic services are intended for anyone at their unique, personal juncture on life’s continuum.  She particularly addresses pivotal moments when being authentically in balance is essential to avoid disease and other negative impacts on one’s body and sense of self  (physically, mentally and emotionally).

Lini offers a variety of modalities for you to experience her professional Ayurvedic expertise, herbal medicinal knowledge, and nutritional cooking skills.  As you become immersed in the benefits of Ayurveda, you can participate in all or a selection that best fits your needs and body make up (dosha).


Discover and understand your unique constitution and find balance within each season.

Indian Tiffins

A nutritious home-cooked Indian meal that is well-balanced and Ayurvedically inspired.

Cooking Classes

Learn the essentials of preparing delicious meals that support and balance the body.


Personal chef and catering services offered bringing fresh, healthy food for your small event.

Ayurvedic Nutritional Services

Combined with a fulfilling personal life as a mother, wife, and community advocate, Lini’s compassionate, creative and calming style brings a unique dimension to her Ayurvedic practice. She is devoted to educating others about the benefits of an Ayurvedic lifestyle and is eager to impart her wisdom providing personalized, individualized nutritional recommendations and tools for living a balanced, healthy, empowering, and long life.

As your Ayurvedic Nutrition Counselor, Lini provides personal attention and guidance in one-on-one sessions and via long distance.

First, a thorough Ayurvedic assessment informs you and Lini about your unique constitution, your dosha. Together you learn about your individual blend of personality, mentality, emotionality and physicality in relation to nature’s elements and seasons. Lini then provides you with recommendations on lifestyle modifications tailored to your uniqueness.

As your personal coach and counselor, she will educate, motivate and guide you through graduated phases to become and stay in balance as the seasons change and your life evolves.

Lini provides you with the tools of Ayurvedic traditions to fully know yourself in order to apply this knowledge to be able to consciously live an authentic life of longevity, happiness and health. Her extensive background in organic farming, healing herbs, and natural cooking add the perfect dimension to your lifestyle enhancement with personal consultations on cooking and eating in bliss.

Lini’s Indian Tiffins

Always cooked with joy!

A home-cooked Indian meal, that is nutritious, balanced, and Ayurvedically inspired.

  • 5 parts of a tiffin are: Basmati rice, lentils, vegetables, raita, and a meat (if choosing non-vegetarian) dish;
  • A variety of vegetables are used in each meal as meat is not the center of Indian cuisine;
  • Local and organic ingredients are sourced first.;
  • The menu changes weekly depending on the season, availability, and freshness of available ingredients;
  • Packaged in a stackable stainless steel container, called a Tiffin carrier.

How It Works:

  • Orders are accepted weekly. If you are a first time customer, please feel free to call me;
  • Pick up will be at Anjali Farm. You will be notified of time, day and location;
  • At pick up, return last week’s clean, empty tiffin (if you had one), and leave with payment;
  • Please advise us if you have any food allergies or aversions when placing your order.


for two ample portions:

  • Vegetarian:  $40 (includes tax)
  • Meat:  $50 (includes tax)

Cooking Classes

Interested in learning how to make classic Indian dishes? Lini offers cooking classes that are fun, hands-on and in keeping with Ayurvedic principles. Learn to make breads, paneer as well as tasty dishes and meals. Check our Events page for upcoming classes.


Upon special request, I am happy to cater small events (up to 50 people.) We plan a menu according to your liking. Per head prices are determined based on the chosen menu. We offer specialized catering for gluten-free and vegan events and work with any food allergies.

Lini has experience catering small weddings, rehearsal dinners, business luncheons, birthday parties and special school lunches.